The Ultra Wide Band Alliance

The mission of the Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Alliance is to be the voice of the designers and manufacturers committed to establishing ultra wideband (UWB) technology as a significant open standards industry. With millions of installed devices globally, UWB warrants protection and coexistence with other radio technologies. The UWB Alliance seeks to foster growth through end-to-end and vendor agnostic interoperability programs. The UWB Alliance takes a proactive position to influence regulatory matters in our mission to: Protect and develop coexistence strategies for UWB bands with new evolving radio regulations (e.g. 6 GHz); Increase the utility of UWB globally through the expansion and adoption of UWB Standards worldwide (Emission levels, outdoor use); Allocation of new spectrum (e.g 95 GHz); and Influence country/regional regulation bodies to reach a world-wide UWB regulatory solution.

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